niki dolp

2005 – 2006 Tyrolean State Conservatory
2006 – 2009 studied Percussion at the Anton Bruckner Private University under Jeff Bordeaux, Doug Hammons, Harry Sokal and Christoph Cech
2009 – 2010 studied at the University of Music and Theatre »Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy«, Leipzig, under Heinrich Köbberling, Johannes Enders and Richie Beirach
since 2011 BA in Jazz Percussion, Anton Bruckner Private University

Master classes with Charlie Persip, Gene Jackson, JT Lewis and Jimmy Cobb; private lessons with Alphonse Mouzon and Billy Cobham

Active in the jazz scenes in Linz, Leipzig and Vienna

Cooperation with artists including Christoph Cech, Andreas Schreiber, Martin Stepanik, Martin Nitsch, Wolfgang Mittlerer, Maja Osoinik, Andreas Tentschert, Matthias Lösher, Mario Rom, Lana Cencic, Lukas Kranzelbinder, Manu Mayr, Reinhard Schraml, Werner Zangerle, Think Bigger Orchestra, John Arman, Les McCann, Antonio Lucacicu, Niklas Kraft, Philipp Rohmer, Florian Kästner

Initiated the following music projects: Arktis/Air, Depressure4, Lisa’s World, Memplex, John Arman Trio, Double Reed Quartett